Language Train University

The Language Train University began offering classes in January, 2011 with its pilot program, Master of Arts in TESOL. The Language Train University is not listed in the United States as a University because it does not provide any educational programs in the United States. However, it is registered in the State of Delaware through The Language Train, Inc. as a company providing educational products and services. The Language Train University's main areas of interest are Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, African and Asia counties as we work to promote better education and educational standards throughout these regions. We have taken on many partners in this endeavor and hope to continue to grow and help others grow with us as we look to the future. 


We offer courses in language teaching to include a 120 Hour International Certificate in TESOL, a 250 Hour Diploma in TESOL, a 120 Credit Hour B.A. in English (teaching), and a 36 Hour (with previous B.A. or B.S.) Master's in TESOL.

In the coming school calendar, we will be adding business B.A.s. to our growing curricula.