IELTS Assistance

IELTS Exam Overview

Watch the following video to see an overview of the IELTS examination.


IELTS Grammar Check Test

Please click on the link below to take a FREE online IELTS Grammar-Check test to find out if your English grammar level is high enough to begin an IELTS preparation course.

IELTS Vocabulary Check Tests

Click on the following links to test your vocabulary skills before taking an IELTS exam preparation course. Most of the questions in these tests were taken from Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS material, with some minor modifications. 

When you complete the tests, you will be able to see your score on the last page and the results with the correct answers will automatically be emailed to you.

The best way to approach any "cloze-gap" or "fill in the blank" multiple choice question is to try to think of what word you would put in the blank before you look at the answer choices. Then if something matches what you were thinking, then it is the most obvious answer choice for that question and you should choose it.  However, do not neglect to look at other possible answers. Some questions may contain answers that look as if they could be right.  You must choose the MOST APPROPRIATE answer.